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    Product design and communication design

    consistently and consistently implemented.

    Our core competence covers the design of products and the design of your brand and product communication. We skillfully combine both areas with creativity, experience and know-how. Interdisciplinary design work that brings decisive advantages. We develop independent, consistently implemented solutions for your product marketing. We know your product and can clearly work out the advantages and uniqueness of your products in further communication for your targeted customer approach. We see ourselves as entrepreneurial designers who develop individual solutions for you and provide you with professional support to open up attractive market opportunities.

    Design differentiates and conveys product quality.

    Design is increasingly recognized and used as a central instrument to gain competitive advantages and to reach new groups of buyers. We are firmly convinced that good design visualizes product quality and positively influences a purchase decision. Our customers profit from a design-oriented product differentiation and know that the design shapes the appearance and also makes the safe technical function recognizable. It's nice to get a harmonious product packaging that contains your brand building visual elements.

    If you don't change, you change.

    Without constant innovations in the product range and reorientation in the communicative means, it is difficult to manoeuvre a company in the rough, global competition. This is not about a one-off product innovation. The aim must be to improve the product appearance, handling and product quality at strategically sensible intervals and to incorporate new processing or production processes and materials. The early and targeted integration of design into product development is essential for success.

    A constant investment in ideas

    and creativity pays off.

    Many of our customers have been with us for over 25 years. We are very proud of that. Thanks to our creative support, we have been able to significantly expand the market position of our customers. Through the continuous further development of products and targeted advertising measures, we set an unmistakable sign for constant change and genuine innovations.


    to put the gun down.

    Presented in a media-friendly way - always expect the best solution. Individuality in the philosophy of your company. Successful entrepreneurs are ahead of their competition for this decisive step because they do many things differently than others. We support you with clear forms and a strong product message that clarifies, signals and lets you act.

    Accelerated design and development processes.

    We design on the 3D CAD software SolidWorks. Generated as reusable data sets, the results can flow directly into the design process at our customers. Production processes such as multi-axis CNC milling or 3D stereo lithography can be used to streamline the entire design process from conception to the development of design models. The outer skin models created in our design model construction are digitized and through data feedback, even extremely demanding free-form surfaces can be further processed in 3D CAD.

    Technical and economic evaluation.

    3D-prints and proportional models made of styling foam are a very helpful means to evaluate a product technically and economically in the concept phase. Together with sketches and renderings, models support decision-making and provide product managers with a concrete product in advance in order to generate field studies and opinion polls among recipients.

    A well-established network to suppliers.

    For design services, CNC multi-axis milling or papid prototype parts, we make use of a well-established network of reliable suppliers who know our quality requirements.

    You need crazy ideas to invent something sensible.

    Looking at things from a crazy angle means seeing them in a whole new light. Studies are an important tool to document "Leadership in Innovations" and to break through dusty thought patterns. That's why studies have a long tradition with us.