"Like every little boy in the 70s, I was enthusiastic about football and was allowed to buy my first football boots. They were Pumas. Unforgettable. Black leather with neon red stripes. They fit like a glove. You could cross the ball perfectly with them and even convert a penalty kick."


With this positive brand experience and plenty of enthusiasm for this great sport, the PUMAnext study was created. There are deliberate design echoes from the 70s but carried forward in a refreshing way in the overall concept. The focus of the development was the improvement of the Effet shot technique, which in my opinion is far from being exhausted. For example, grip pads made of a special plastic mixture have been incorporated into the upper material, which significantly increase the spin of the football and can adjust to moisture - in other words, their properties remain constant. Another new feature is the way the nub elements flow together with the pads and the control of the shore hardness. Particularly for standards such as free kicks and corner kicks which can be rehearsed and practised this concept should contribute to an improved goal efficiency and surprise some goalkeepers.

We are curious - PUMAnext.