Corporate Design and claiming for blucon. blucons vision is to replace crude oil based and nonbiodegradable plastics by the biodegradable plastic PLA, Polylactic Acid and make a significant contribution to the circular bioeconomy. PLA today is produced in small amounts, less than 1 million tons/year, compared to 390 million tons of plastics from fossil feedstocks. PLA currently is produced from sugar, which comes from sugar cane or corn starch, i.e. food materials.  For large production volumes non-food materials should be used. blucon technology currently is the only technology in the world converting cellulose (C6 polymer) and hemicellulose (C5 polymer) directly to lactic acid.

blucon Biotech‘s business model is to develop and license tailor-made technology packages for production of L- lactic acid from various feedstocks, starting with wheat straw to make this novel breakthrough technology available worldwide.